The Island of Grey Monks (2015)

"Each person conceals their own story; no one is simply flung onto the scene like a mere chess piece. Therein lies the author's greatest strength and exceptional skill, which allows her to write a true crime novel that is not solely about revealing the murderer. This is what distinguishes her from her Czech colleagues, who faithfully offer individual detective stories. Klevisová has the ability to deliver a wide spectrum of fates." – František Cinger, Právo

"This book is full of mysteries as well as clues that could help you unravel all of its plot twists. I daresay, however, that you most likely will not be able to do it. And you probably will even be hard pressed to figure out what is or is not a clue. The author emphasises the characters' psychological states, likening her to such authors as English writer P. D. James. Indeed, The Island of Grey Monks seems to evoke the novel, The Lighthouse, and Josef Bergman has a few things in common with Adam Dalgliesh. If you are partial to comparisons, it would not be off base to mention this book in the context of the queen of northern crime, Camilla Läckberg, or the crime novel, Echoes from the Dead by Johan Theorin." – Veronika Černucká,

"She is not interested in the bloodied slaughter that some authors from abroad unfurl on the pages of their books. She is interested in the reactions of people who find themselves in the immediate vicinity of an evil crime and are linked with it in one way or another; she is interested in the mysteries of the human soul. This is exactly how she was able to distinguish herself from the company of other Czech crime authors several years ago, with her debut novel Steps of the Murderer. It is no wonder that she received the prestigious Jiří Marek award—awarded by the Czech division of the International Association of Crime Writers (IACW/AIEP) for the best detective novel of the year—for her very first book." Ivan Matějka, Literární noviny