Steps of the Murderer (2007)

Despite its modest title, the debut book by journalist Michaela Klevisová is a solid detective novel with a powerful centripetal force -it’s the type of gripping read that makes one forget to get off the tram at the right stop.Not missing from the novel are a mysterious past, entangled relationships and characters, and a classic investigation of a double murder conducted in a more civil than action-packed manner.“ Magdalena Čechlovská, Hospodářské noviny

„The footsteps of the murderer take the reader to art auctions and the world of collectors.The author has as an old-world attention for details, something that is essential to classic detective stories. She even elaborately describes the thoughts and feelings of the female characters, a process that leads the reader to experience a powerful feeling of loss at the second murder that occurs halfway through the book. The victim this time is one of the most sympathetic characters in the book – which is certainly a crafty way to spellbind readers!" Magdalena Čechlovská, Hospodářské noviny