Happines is for Free

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The Island of Grey Monks

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The Solitude House

  • With this crime novel Klevisová became second time prize-winner of the Jiří Marek Award for Best Detective novel of the year!


Cat from Montmartre

  • Veronika longs for adventure and wants to try something, what happens once in a lifetime. Adam is ashamed of his mother, who loves animals more than people. Second bestseller full of stories for cat lovers and their friends.

The Thief of Stories

  • Detective Josef Bergman who figured in that book makes a welcome return in the second succesful crime novel The Thief of Stories (Zlodějka příběhů, 2009).


Steps of the Murderer

  • This crime novel won annual Jiří Marek‘s Award, granted by Czech branch of AIEP for the best detective novel of the year.


Waiting for the Cat

  • The first non-crime book Waiting for the Cat (Čekání na kocoura) for cat lovers and their friends.


Crime story is not dead, thanks to a middle class

 "The novels by Michaela Klevisová show that both the society and the author have matured and are ready to embark on a literary journey into the depth of the Czech crime. The examination of dead bodies goes hand in hand with the examination of the neuroses of the only just crystallised Czech middle class at the threshold of the 21st century, a shared feature present in all of the three novels. Without giving away more than necessary about the background of the crimes investigated, they can all be generally said to stem from an unrest prevailing in a society which, unlike in the past, does now have things to lose, but stands unsure of whether its visions of happiness guaranteed have really materialised in its achievements." - Tomáš Kafka, Lidové noviny